Live Sport

With 7 big screens, the largest beer selection of The Hague, full food menu, plenty of room and a city centre location, we hope we will be your first choice for your favourite sport. We currently show the English Premier League, several cup games, Europa League and Champions League football. We have 7 big screens, so if there is a game you would like to see then please drop us a message and we will see if we can show it for you.

Before we forget; the big games we broadcast on all our big screens. Sports are mostly shown upstairs. Check below for which games we show at least, in the next coming days.


We’re showing the World Cup Rugby!! Only the games at 11:45 AM, 12:15 PM and 12:45 PM.

18-09-19 18:55 Olympiacos FC v Tottenham
18-09-19 18:55 Club Brugge v Galatasaray
18-09-19 21:00 Paris St Germain v Real Madrid
18-09-19 21:00 Atletico Madrid v Juventus
18-09-19 21:00 Shakhtar Donetsk v Manchester City
18-09-19 21:00 Bayern Munchen v Red Star Belgrade
19-09-19 18:55 PSV v Sporting Lisbon
19-09-19 21:00 Rangers v Feyenoord
20-09-19 12:45 (WC Rugby) Japan v Russia
21-09-19 11:45 New Zealand v South Africa
21-09-19 13:30 Leicester City v Tottenham
21-09-19 14:15 F1 GP of Singapore Qualifiers   
21-09-19 16:00 Manchester City v Watford
21-09-19 18:30 Newcastle United v Brighton & Hove
21-09-19 20:45 AC Milan v Inter Milan
22-09-19 12:15 England v Tonga
22-09-19 14:10 F1 GP of Singapore 
22-09-19 15:00 West Ham v Man-U
22-09-19 17:30 Chelsea v Liverpool
22-09-19 21:00 Sevilla v Real Madrid
24-09-19 12:15 Russia v Samoa