Witkap Stimulo


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Witkap · Pater is a living top-fermented beer brewed according to ancient tradition with the finest natural ingredients including bitter and aromatic hop flowers.

Witkap · Pater is a top-fermented beer. First there is the main fermentation, which starts at 25 ° C. Then the bearing at low temperatures. After the beer has been bottled or casked, it is placed in a warm cellar to re-ferment for the third time. This gives the beer its excellent aromas and natural storage properties for several years. When the yeast has digested all the sugars, it will settle on the bottom and the Witkap · Pater will clear naturally. It is therefore important not to shake the bottle and to fill the glass in one gentle movement so that the sediment sticks to the bottom of the bottle.

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Belgian Blonde


Brouwerij Slaghmuylder




330ml Bottle