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17:45 – 22:00


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13:00 – 18:45

You can reserve a table with us for dinner and/or drinks, we would love to have you. Please have a look at our menu to see what tickles your fancy.

Make a reservation by calling us: 070 365 1955, send us an email at, or click below. For each reservation we need the following information: your name, the date and time, whether you’re planning on having dinner or drinks, the number of people and your phone number.

Bowl with veggie wraps
Cheese spring rolls in a bowl
A burger and fries at the Fiddler
Nachos at the Fiddler
The Fiddler Den haag tables and chairs


All Day English Breakfast

Beans, fried egg, toast, hash browns, mushrooms, English bacon, sausage.


Crazy Non-English Breakfast

Beans, fried egg, toast, hash browns, mushrooms, oven roasted zucchini & sweet pepper. Vegetarian


Cider Pork with Apple

Pork, onions & apples oven roasted with cider and served with special mash potatoes


Bangers & Mash

Fiddler’s homemade English sausages, onion gravy and creamy mashed potato


Fish 'n' Chips

Battered white fish fillet and steak chips, salad and homemade tartare sauce


Chicken Satey

4 skewers of marinated chicken with peanut sauce and fried onions, served with chips and atjar tjampoer


Vegetarian Chili

A combination of beans with that spicy sparkle makes this dish. But the oven baked potatoes and melted cheese on top makes you remember it.



Served on a bun with lollo rosso, red onion and Fiddler’s sauce (ketchup, mayonnaise and garlic). Served with chips and ketchup or mayonnaise.

Beefburger €12,50

Baconburger €15,50

Cheeseburger €13,90

Fiddler burger €16,50

Vegetarian Falafelburger €11,50

Falafel served on a bun with baba ganoush, (lollo rossa) lettuce, tomato, red onion and with chips on the side. On request we spice it up with authentic Indonesian sambal.


Single €3,00      Triple €3,80

Cheese & Tomato
Single €3,20      Triple €4,50

Cheese & Ham
Single €3,30      Triple €5,50

Filled Rolls

BLT – Bacon, lettuce, tomato  €6,30 (add cheese +0,30)

Typical Dutch Croquettes  €5,40

Caprese – Tomato, mozarella, pesto  €5,80

Oven Roast – Oven roasted zucchini & sweet pepper accompanied by pesto mayonnaise, lollo rossa and tomato  €6,30

Toasted Sandwiches

The Chicken & Bacon – Chicken, bacon, lollo rossa, tomato, cucumber and special sauce
Regular  €6,90        Club €8,90

Roasted Vegetarian Club – Oven roasted zucchini & sweet pepper, baba ganoush, tomato, cucumber and lollo rossa
Regular €6,90        Club €8,90


Chicken Wrap – Thinly sliced grilled chicken filet, tomato, cucumber, lollo rossa, red onion and pesto mayonnaise  €5,50

Vegetarian Wrap – Falafel, cucumber, lollo rossa and sundried tomato hummus  €5,50

Homemade Soup

Please ask the serving staff for today’s soup


Chicken & Bacon

Oven Roasted Zucchini & Sweet Pepper, with sundried tomato and mozzarella served on lollo rossa


Cream Bee Brownie
Homemade brownie made with The Fiddler’s Cream Bee stout. Served hot with stout chocolate sauce and pouring cream

Apple Pie
Shortcrust apple pie served with whipped cream or custard. Please tell the serving staff if you would like it hot or cold

Oven Nachos

Nachos baked in the oven topped with salsa, cheese, crème fraiche & jalapenos.

Small €5,70  Big €7,90

Flammkuchen Original

creme fraiche, bacon strips, leek and cheese


Flammkuchen Veggie

creme fraiche, tomato, olive, leek and cheese


Flammkuchen Fiddler's Classic

bbq sauce, bacon, chicken and cheese


Flammkuchen Mexican

salsa, minced beef, jalapenos, nacho’s and cheese



Bite-size Croquettes (8) €4,00

Mini Snacks (12) €7,20

Big Mini Snacks (24) €13,90

La Trappe Bitterballen (6) €5,50

Crusty Shrimps (8) €4,90

Hot Wings (5) €5,30

Vlammetjes (6) €5,00

Mini BBQ Chicken Wrap (4) €6,30

Ready Salted Crisps €1,30

Cheese & Onion Crisps €1,30

Salt & Vinegar Crisps €1,30

Oven Nachos (Small) €5,70

Oven Nachos (Big) €7,90

Vegetarian Spring Rolls (6) €5,00

Cheese Soufflés (8) €4,50

Cheese Sticks (6) €5,30

Veggie Vlammetjes (6) €5,30

Bread and Sauces €5,30

Chips with Mayo or Ketchup €3,50

Steak Chips with Mayo or Ketchup €3,50

Salted NUTS €1,60